Weyermann® bicycle bag with Velcro fastener Orange

A real everyday hero is the Weyermann® bicycle saddle bag with Velcro closure.

Shopping, work bag, sports stuff and much more can be stowed in the bicycle bags. The practical thing about the saddle bags is that they are very handily because the bags can be folded and are therefore easy to store. In cooperation with the company Cobags from Copenhagen, Weyermann® has developed two models in the colour’s orange and black. Both versions have the Weyermann® logo printed in red and are equipped with a Velcro closure.

Cobags and Weyermann® care deeply about the environment, which is why the bicycle bag is made from old rice sacks that are processed into woven PP. The recycled PP is a strong plastic material which is very durable and therefore a sustainable material.

As another bicycle accessory we can recommend the Weyermann® bicycle bell.

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